BioHacked Glenn

If you found this page, you probably just scanned my hand.

  • If you scanned it to support my Charity Haircut / Humiliation then click here.
  • If you scanned it because I didn’t have a business card / contact details handy then click here
  • If you scanned it because you are thinking of coming to DefCon then click here.
  • If somehow my implant lead you here and I am unable to communicate then

    Blood Type: O Positive
    Allergies: None known
    Religious Requirements: None. Do what you need to keep me alive!
  • If you just wanted to read about the cool tech in my hand, read on.

    Inside my hand is a Dangerous Things NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant kindly implanted by Pinchy at BSides Newcastle in 2023.

    It’s two chips in one, a 125kHz RFID chip (commonly used in older, cheaper, ID bad badges, pet ID tags and hotel room keys) and NTAG216 NFC Chip (commonly used in everything from “tap” payment systems, so door entry systems, to stickers on things, it’s what most people consider “smart cards” to be) and readable not just by smart card readers (including hacker tools like the Flipper Zero, Chameleon & Proxmark) but also modern smart phones.

    Both chips are programmable, so I can either use my hand to impersonate an existing smart card, or serve up custom information (the first record on the NFC chip is a link to this page).

    I don’t have a practical real world use case for it, but it’s just kinda cool.

If you came here as part of a CTF, the FLAG is GDPCTF{HandOfDog}