An early New Year Resolution

Previously, I had a job whose Social Media policy pretty much prevented me from talking about Security related stuff on Social Media / Blogs / Cons etc as people might believe it was pertaining to their specific environment and concerns (even if it wasn’t). So I cleared down my blog of anything technical and let this site go fallow.

I’m now very grateful I work somewhere much much cooler about such things, in fact we’re positively encouraged to blog and speak at events etc, but I’ve never really taken advantage of it, until now. So my New Year Resolution (one of several) is to blog much more.

However, one thing it’s very important to keep in mind is that whilst some writing may be based from my current role, much of it isn’t. Much of it is learnt from third parties who I’ve gone to, to understand a subject more completely, so don’t assume anything best practice or worst practice, witty anecdote or cautionary tale is actually indicative of any employer past or present.

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