Def Con 31

So, if you ended up here, you probably saw a link on a hat and decided to follow it.

Well, the owner of the hat is me, Glenn; come over and say Hi. Depending where and when we are, I may have stickers and shots of Benedictine available.

Why Benedictine? Whilst it’s of French origin, the vast majority of all the “Bene” produced is drunk in a small area of East Lancashire (the North of England), close to where I grew up. It’s believed to have been popularised by returning World War 1 troops who were stationed in the vicinity of it’s production. So, it’s “kind of” a speciality drink of my homeland! It can be drunk neat or with hot water (considered a medicinal form).

BTW If you can’t think of how to open the conversation, ask me about

  • BSides Leeds. I’m one of the organisers
  • DC151 (aka DC44113). Yeah, one of the organisers of that too
  • @Ukstickerstall – We organising the trading of stickers for charity donations at UK Hacker Cons
  • – Mine and a friends’ occasional ramblings
  • HackerRunning – A group that organises runs at UK cons
  • My addiction to vintage & collectable Adidas
  • My extensive retrogaming collection
  • Trying to steer my AuDHD son through life
  • VM/AppSec/IR/IM/ general defensive/preventative security
  • What it’s like to be over 50 and still playing Fortnite!
  • JD1 and the drama around him
  • The Post Office Horizon IT Scandal
  • UK Ice Hockey (esp NIHL)
  • Blackburn Rovers