Month: February 2017

  • noobs guide noob guide Whilst I’m a “blue teamer” (I specialise in the defensive side of InfoSec), I do enjoy doing Pentesting challenges both for fun and because “know your enemy” & “always think like an attacker” are invaluable bits of advice¬†for any defender. One of my favourites is Labs which closely mimic real environments […]

  • Powershell based Plex “Local Player”

    So, imagine a scenario where you’re trying to give a presentation on a customer’s PC, what you are trying to show is a video on a remote Plex server, but the customer’s PC is so locked down (whitelisted apps only) that whilst vlc will work, a web browser won’t! Seriously!!! However, powershell did work and […]

  • Online Anonymity, Privacy and Risk Evaluation

    I got into a conversation the other day about why I, as a massive supporter of the right to online privacy, still tended to use my real name online, in places where a more anonymous handle would be more than acceptable. You’d have thought as somebody quite proficient at OSINT (Open Source, Intelligence, ¬†the art […]